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Remembering Our Readers and Writers

This week, I forgot my students. In fact, I think I forgot them this marking period. With multiple testing sessions and snow days creating a haphazard schedule of reading, writing, and thinking, my classroom lacked a necessary flow state for the past few weeks. I'm not proud of that. But I am proud of my students, my readers and writers that do try so hard to tackle the difficult work I put in front of them. That's something that we often forget as teachers: we are the experts , and the tasks and texts we place in front of our students really are demanding. They just seem easy to us . On my ride home from a teacher advocacy meeting, I remembered a conversation I had with a student today. He reminded me that he hadn't read a book since elementary school until my class. No standardized test will measure that growth or change in his reading identity, but I know it exists.  Tomorrow I look forward to working with my students to tie up loose ends on their papers and wh